Summer term 2019

TitleDurationDatesLecturer (assistant)
Environmental Hydrodynamic Modelling II2Link
Ethics in Science and Technology - Part 22Link
Hands-On Ecological Modeling of Surface Waters2Link
Hydraulic Machinery and Plants Laboratory2Link
Hydraulic Structures and Water Resources Engineering Supplementary Module4Link
Hydraulics in water engineering laboratory3.5Link
Hydro Power and Energy Storage - Project Work2Link
Inland Naviagtion Management and Constructions2Link
Lab Exercise Day of Hydraulic Structures and Water Resources Engineering Supplementary Module0.5Link
Laboratory and Field Excercises at the Obernach Lab3Link
Master excursion of hydraulic engineering9Link
Mathematical Modeling of Hydrodynamics and Water Quality in Coastal Regions2Link
Modeling of Habitat for Fish and Invertebrates in Rivers2Link
Ocean and Wind Energy4Link
Project work in hydraulic engineering and water management4Link
River Engineering and hydro Morphology2Link
Rivers as an Ecosystem4Link
Seminar acompanying the Master excursion of hydraulic engineering1Link
Seminar for PhD students2Link