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Christmas 2018

Terrain model for 2D hydrodynamic simulations of the river Inn without anthropogenic alterations
Bedload Transport Measurements with Acoustic Sensors
Fuse Plug Spillways
Evaluating fish habitat conditions in the Obernach river with a velocity/water depth device. MesoHABSIM course with Piotr Parasiewicz.
DAAD IKYDA Project (TUM/ NTUA): Prof. M. Grambow, Prof. P. Rutschmann, Prof. N. Mamasis, Prof. A. Stamou und Dr. A. Rimböck (from left) at the foot of the Marathon dam.
Students exkursion to the Grossweil hydropower plant at the Loisach River. Construction of the first 420kW TUM hydroshaft power plant (Invention and Patent: TU Munich)